Best kept secret

A couple weeks ago, I happen to be out doing what I thought was a regular walk-thru of a wedding venue for a client and happened upon one of Atlanta's best kept secrets.  Many of you may already be familiar with The Wahoo Grill.  It's a great restaurant with superp food!  But what you might not know is that the Wahoo Grill is also a great venue to host a wedding.  From the parking lot to the wait staff to the owner herself; nothing but world class service!

Unlike most venues, there's no venue fee.  The only major cost to have your wedding here is the food (which did i mention, is amazing).  The per person cost for food starts at $29pp.  The next menu is $35pp and the final menu is $44.  Perfect if you want a small intimate wedding at an eclectic venue space!

Wondering what your wedding would look like here?  Take a peek at pics from photographer Stacey Bode.  View, the rest of the wedding at, http://staceybode.com/blog/?p=289.