Don't forget the guestbook...

So you've found your jaw-dropping wedding dress, your dream wedding venue; you've picked your caterer, the gueslist is finalized now its just those final details...like the guest book.  No one really thinks about it until the last minute.  It's one of those things that's significant, but in comparison, not so much.  Here are a few cute ideas to make sure even that minute detail is well thought out!

This may take a little effort but it's a great keepsake and will keep your guests talking about how amazing and fun your wedding was.  This puzzle guest book can have a picture of you and your fiance on one side and guests can write messages to you both on the peices of the other side.

For guests that don't mind getting a little messy, this is a cute option.  Have your guests leave there thumb print along with their signature or message to you and the groom on a simple picture that can be framed and kept as artwork in your new home.

I love all things vintage so this really makes my heart flutter.  Find an old-school typewriter and have your guests type cute messages for you and your sweetie to read on your honeymoon.  It will make for great memories even after your special day.

This is perfect for all music lovers and dj's alike.  Have your guests sign old vinyl records, frame them and keep them as artwork around your home.  Make it significant by choosing your favorite Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson or Rolling Stones (or whoever your favorite is) album.

Grab a Jenga game and have guests sign the pieces.  Everytime you play that game you'll be reminded of the wonderful people that shared in your day.

Red Hot!

Weddings are all about the details! I love weddings that have that one dominant color that makes the whole palette pop. This is one such wedding captured by Andria Lo Photography.

Everyone wants the WOW Factor when creating the look for their wedding, but make sure you make it your own. This couple totally branded their wedding and we love it. We give it two Tuesday thumbs up! Take a peek...


Old Hollywood Glam

Eric & Melissa decided they wanted Old Hollywood Glam as the theme for their wedding.  This is what we came up with. *wink* Thanks Lucky & Lovely!  They love it!  What do you think?

We're featured in Atlanta Weddings Magazine!

My wedding day vision really came true when my friend and designer Thomas Denney took on the task of designing my wedding.  He took my wedding from "utter panic" to Vintage Garden Glam!  Pick up your issue of Atlanta Weddings Magazine and see why I'm still gushing about that day. 

Images by Ross Oscar Knight

And we lived "Happily Ever After"...

Style Me Lovely!

For all my DIY brides, check out this upcoming workshop tailor made for you.  See you there!

NY Chic!

If my Bronx, NY husband and I would have gotten married in his home state of NY I would imagine it would have looked something like this.  I saw this Tribeca Rooftop Wedding from photographer, Carla Ten Eyck and fell in love.  It's the same pink and grey color palette as my wedding...but with a hot pink pop.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wedding and coin it NY Chick!  Take a peek!


The End...