Have you seen the movie, 27 Dresses?

Well that's me. I'm the girl that's been every girls bridesmaid. The one they call to go to every fitting, tasting and bridal show. I was once in 4 wedding in one year. I have bridesmaids dresses in every color you could imagine. :0)

One day it just dawned on me. I wasn't going to all of these things with my girlfriends just because they asked. I genuinely enjoyed it and thus that day, something new was birthed... B. Moore Events.

That was 3 years ago. Fast forward to today. B. Moore Events has grown into a full service event planning company equipped to save brides time, money and stress.

All brides ask the same question. "Why do I need a planner"?

It may be because...

You dreamed of your wedding day all your life, but somehow, you never saw the planning part in your vision and now you have no idea where to start .
You started out with great momentum and excitement, now you're totally frustrated and not even close to finished.
You've set your budget and want to stay within it while still having a spectacular event.
Your family members and girlfriends have helped you plan, and they've left out one tiny detail... what it is you want.
Your fiance is totally hands off and has left all the planning to you.  "Just tell him when and where to show up".
You are planning a destination wedding.
If any of these sound familiar, we can help! 

We turn your dreams into reality by paying close attention to detail and taking charge of anything that may arise.