This Week on Pinterest...

This week on Pinterest, we were inspired by black and white photos. They seem simple, yet so elegant. There is something classic about pictures produced in black and white that possesses so much beauty.

Real Atlanta Wedding- Nicole & Mike

We've been anxiously waiting for these pics by Todd Baugh Photography.  Nicole and Mike were the sweetest couple.  They had a somewhat fusion wedding at 550 Trackside.  Nicole's nigerian culture meets Mike's all American guy!  Their wedding was full of love, laughter and Nehi.  Check out the details styled by Lucky & Lovely. 

This Week on Pinterest...

This week on Pinterest, we had our eyes on wedding ideas that are a little less traditional. Okay, so you want the traditional gown, the cummerbunds, and the seat-covers; we get it. However, may we make a suggestion?

Forget tradition!

pink garden bouquet with peonies, garden roses and dahlias by florette designs photo: jose villa

... it's so overrated!

 Relax, let your hair down, and HAVE FUN. After all, it is YOUR wedding day!

  Don't settle for plain shades of white. Add a splash of color to your gown.

Blue tule on wedding dress

  Kick off those high-heels and slide into a pair of cowboy boots or wedding Toms!

   Uniformity is boring! So why not mix and match the bridesmaids' dresses?

Non-traditional Bridesmaid Dresses

 Poppy bouquet? TOSS IT! Go for the feathers or some fabric!

Tie some burlap on your chairs and use mason jars for a more rustic look.

Don't forget about the cake!
a non traditional wedding cake (of sorts)

  Traditional weddings are nice and all...

...but THIS is comfortable!