Destination Inspiration!

We met with a couple yesterday who are considering destination as their style wedding.  We couldn't help thinking about them when we found this little jewel of a wedding that took place in Playa Mujeres, Mexico Beach and was captured by Fer Juaristi.  This is dedicated to Dani & David!  We'll see you soon in Cabo San Lucas...

And they lived happily ever after...

Real Wedding: Tenecia & Kevin

Happy Monday!  We wanted to share a sneak peek of Kevin & Tenecia's wedding this past weekend at the Piedmont Room.  They chose the city scape as their backdrop.  We can't wait to show you all the details from their big day, but for now here's a peek...  Thanks Kate-Belle Photography for giving us a glimpse of pure love!

This Week on Pinterest...

This week on Pinterest we were inspired by the seasons. Here are a few pics that incorporate ideas for each part of the year. No matter what season we are in, there is something uniquely designed that speaks directly to who and where you are. While everything may not come together the way we envisioned initially, as time goes on and things are pieced together, it is all made perfect; for there is beauty in every season.

The Colors of Autumn

The Cool of Winter

The Warmth of Spring

The Serenity of Summer

Meagen & Ben

Meagen & Ben's wedding was nothing short of full blown excitement at the Peachtree Club!  This wedding was full of Polynesian culture, from the blessing of the uncle to the many Polynesian dances throughout the night.  Meagan & Ben were all smiles and in the end, it was their love that took center stage with the backdrop of details created by Lucky and Lovely