Better Safe than Soggy… and other quips on wedding venues

So, you’ve got the ring, you’ve set the date and everything is falling into place… except the space. Often a stressor of everyday wedding planning, it’s without a doubt the first place to start and the foundation to the entire big-day process!

I always say, “location, location, location.” And it really is THAT important. Where you choose to say your “I Do’s” it's not only the biggest decision you'll make but will set the tone for the entire celebration.

Then you can worry about the lights, the colors, the parking situation… and for those of you brides anxious to blush under the oak trees and in the meadows of your favorite towns, you’ve got to think about the rain… and the wind!

For the latter, few things come close to a flawless outdoor fete. A springy field packed with wispy wildflowers and the cutest DIY details just about guarantees adorable pictures. But, when choosing an outdoor venue, make sure you have a rain plan. Be it a tent, a nearby venue or the cutest bulk order of umbrellas you can find, rain isn't the end of the world, but it’s sure better to be safe than soggy!

For the weather conscious and trendy, but traditional brides, when you're choosing an indoor space make sure it matches the look and feel of your wedding (without the décor ideas).  This means, don't choose a traditional venue and try to modernize it with the decor.  You will end up spending more to change the look. Find a space that already stands for what you’re style is and get inspired to enhance that with your personal touch.

Bottom line? Don’t sweat the precipitation or the ballroom palette – your wedding day is about the beginning of a beautiful love story that can only gain sentiment with funny stories later about the carpet or the thunderstorms.


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